"The most influential peace gathering in history!''
- Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

''Largest World Peace Congress for Students in History''
- Mumbia, India

''Tom is creating a global community of millions
of people who take an active stand for peace!''
- The Dalai Lama

Rising Angels Project India -
Providing Education to Children in Need

Rising Angels Project Philippines
Food and education for underprivileged
and disadvantaged children

Rising Angels Project Rwanda -
Africa Institute for conflict transformation
and peace building

Rising Angels Kenya -
Providing peace education to impoverished
and underpriviledged children



Desmond M. Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“The most influential peace gathering in history! A milestone for our times – a turning point in the efforts of hundreds of thousands people worldwide to transform violent conflict.”

H.H. The Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“What I like most about the World Peace Foundation is that it’s creating a community that inspires and empowers millions of people around the world to take an active stand for peace.”

Michelle Bachelet, PRESIDENT OF CHILE; Secretary General of UN WOMEN

“We welcome the work you are doing … and look forward to partnering with you in this worthy endeavour.”

Deepak Chopra, Chopra Foundation

“Tom is an extraordinary leader! The World Peace Partnership’s principle of arriving at world peace through individual peace resonates with me. I am fully committed to being a part of this.”

Anil Kapoor - Bollywood & Hollywood Actor

“The largest world peace event for students in history! I am honored to be a part of this.”

Peter Buffett, Novo Foundation

“I support the World Peace Festival because it is an idea whose time has come. When it comes to peace building, it takes our sustained cooperation to have an impact and really make peace happen!”


“We have participated in so many conferences around the world, and the World Peace Festival (Tom Oliver founded) was better than a lot of the OECD conferences we have been to.”

Jeff Skoll, Skoll World Forum On Social Entrepreneurship

“Tom shows you that nothing is impossible when it comes to your realizing your vision!”

Bono Vox, leader of the rock band U2 and social activist

“Tom, thanks for all the good you are doing for this world!”

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“It was a very moving experience for me.”

Will.I.AM, Founder, “The Black Eyed Peas”

“When I met Tom in NYC for the first time after one of our shows, Tom got me convinced and energized in 5 minutes to dedicate a song to his movement and participate!”

Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“I learned a lot at the World Peace Festival, especially about the relationship between economics and peace.”

Chade- Meng Tan, Google

“Each of us can be both a maker and a beneficiary of world peace. For me, there are very few things in the world more important. That’s why the World Peace Partnership is creating a global community of peace builders – online and in the real world. I’m inspired by their efforts and honored to call them my friends.”

H.E. Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, President, 63rd session of the UN General Assembly

“We need more initiatives like the one Tom has created!”


“We have rarely seen as much enthusiasm in this UN office as when Tom delivered his speech about his visionary plans for Public/Private Partnerships.”

Jez Frampton, Global Group, CEO Interbrand

“You can hope for peace, or you can go out and make it. The WPF is all about making it happen.”

Amir A. Dossal, Former Director, UNOP

“We have often mentioned [the World Peace Festival] to our partners as an example of creativity. We welcome your approach to engage civil society for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, in partnership with the UN Family. Our office stands ready to facilitate and support your good work.”

Tony Elumelu, Chairman, Heirs Holdings; Founder, The Tony Elumelu Foundation

“Tom Oliver has been preparing the next generation of business leaders from around the world to lead a life filled with determination, passion, and purpose. In this book he finally shares his secrets and shows how anyone, anywhere can do the same.”

Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist, Google Social for Brands

“The determination and courage with which Tom organized The World Peace Festival in Berlin, where I was honored to speak, was Tom Oliver’s way of showing that nothing is impossible.”

Ervin Laszlo - Founder, the Club of Budapest

“(Tom Oliver´s book is) a brilliant demonstration that in the world of true entrepreneurship, nothing is impossible!”

Shannon Sedgwick Davis, President of the Bridgeway Foundation

“I can not imagine the timing of the World Peace Festival to be any better. In light of recent events it is clear Global Citizens are beckoning for a new movement, one rooted in respect and peace for all persons.”

Bill Liao - Co-founder XING

“The most important thing for me (in the World Peace Festival Tom Oliver founded) was the new initiative to create a law against ecocide – to bring peace and the environment together in a new, groundbreaking and unconventional way.”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar; Founder, the Art of Living Foundation

“We need more young leaders like Tom!”

Dr. Djordjija Petkoski, The World Bank

“The World Peace Festival wildly surpassed my expectations. A fascinating and enlightening experience!”

Cassidy Morgan - Global Director, Brand Strategy & Insights at Google

“I wanted to thank Tom for inviting me to participate during the World Peace Festival in Berlin. Congratulations on getting this off the ground in the style that he did!”