Rising Angels Rwanda

Africa Institute for conflict transformation Peace building

Organization profile

AICP is The Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peace building (AICP) – founded in 2010 – is an independent and non-partisan non-governmental organization based in Rwanda. We are engaged in conflict transformation and peace building in Rwanda and across Africa. Mediation, Conflict Transformation and Dialogue Facilitation.



Our vision is to establish a positive peace in Africa where human rights and needs are respected, with effective social mechanisms for conflict transformation. Peace in Africa forms the foundation for sustained development, political stability and strong social fabric, contributing in around the regional and Africa.



Our mission is to develop and strengthen capacities for peace based on analysis of current issues and situations, taking the most strategic actions to transform conflicts and maximize the impact for sustainable peace and development



  • Mediation, Conflict Transformation and Dialogue Facilitation
  • Training and Education
  • Research and Teaching
  • Exchanging and experience sharing

Core values

  • Humanity, peace and justice
  • Professionalism, building cooperation and networking
  • Practicing honesty, love, mutual respect, understanding and team spirit
  • Learning from each other and applying it in practice
  • The right for everyone to develop their own identity without fear or discrimination
  • Being politically independent.