Tools 4 Peace

Peace starts with Me!

Conflict is a necessary part of daily life, and we all have to deal with it. The skill lies in HOW we deal with it. Tools for Peace contains the ‘tried and trusted’ methods used by wise, experienced people all over the world to transform the conflicts they face into opportunities. These tools work just as effectively in our families and communities as they do in situations of extreme violence and civil war. They also work within ourselves, which is where peace begins.



These seven steps are written to help avoid conflict. Each step is challenging, but it can transform a conflict into a disagreement. And even to agreement.

Tools for peace is also available as a printed booklet here.


We shall not only be building a new community of people around the globe active on peace initiatives, and a new vision for living in peace, but working on the nuts and bolts – the tools needed to carry it out.

Desmond Tutu,  Nobel Peace Prize Laureate about the tools for peace and the World Peace Foundation and its World Peace Festival

I believe conflict resolution is not always just a question between war and peace but rather it begins with you and me. Sustainable peace is how we resolve problems day by day. In every action and decision I make I try to ask myself whether it is Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative. In the company I lead, PUMA, these 4 Keys also guide, evaluate and elevate our actions as my team and I strive to leave a better world for generations to come. Peace is built with these types of tools that guide our choices each moment of each day. The tools in this booklet will help to develop our ability to turn conflict into a positive and non-destructive force. I strongly believe that the tools we use and choices we make can leave a positive contribution to the world and that our legacy can build a long lasting monument to peace.

Jochen Zeitz, Chairman and CEO, PUMA. (get a picture as well)

The Seven Steps in this book are equally applicable to working and personal life. Effective teams require healthy conflict. Only when there is healthy conflict will there be commitment, accountability and results. That‘s why the World Peace Partnership is creating a global community of peacebuilders- online and in the real world. I‘m inspired by their efforts and honored to call them my friends.

Chade-Meng Tan, Head of Personal Growth, Google